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Jetsons Porn Story: "Jane 1"

Cosmo Spacely was a frustrated man. A small, balding, angry and frustrated man. He was rich, powerful and had almost everything he could want. He was CEO of Spacely Sprockets, had plenty of employees to boss around, lived in the most luxurious high rise, and had all the gadgets he wanted. But his marriage to Stella was not a happy one. He married Stella not for love, but for her family’s money which enabled him to start Spacely Sprockets. At work, he was king, but at home he was treated like a slave.

Stella was even more mean tempered than Cosmo. She was a dominatrix and his sole purpose at home was to cater to her every whim and to pleasure her whenever she demanded. She only let him have sex with her once a year on his birthday, if he were lucky. Because he had to find his sexual release in other ways, he had amassed the largest collection of porn in the solar system.

As unhappy as he was with his home life, he didn’t want to lose his company so he endured her abuse. He took out his anger and frustration on his workers, especially George Jetson, his most incompetent employee. The only reason he kept George around was because of his wife. Jane Jetson was a knock out, and he enjoyed oogling her at company functions. In fact, his favorite porn stars were petite redheads that closely resembled Jane.

Jane Jetson was a frustrated and lonely wife. After Elroy was born, her and George had drifted apart. George was spending more time on the galaxy-net than with her. She was in her forties but still felt and looked young. Her sexual appetite was still high but George’s seemed to be declining. Whenever she managed to entice George to have sex with her, he didn’t seem that into it. He didn’t seem to want to have sex anymore.
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Everybody like it when Judy Jetson takes her clothes off!

Judy Jetson Nude

Another fuck-obsessed hottie Jetsons tv-show boasts this gorgeous cleavage to bring to our view and she can never reject any male around. This string of raunchy sex comics Judy Jetson will give you the opportunity and feel like hell and all those fuck-crazed freaks having a good time! ;) This piece of mad comics bunch punch will get you feel like hell among those crackpot Jetsons porn junkies enjoying themselves!!

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Great portrit of Jane Jetson exposing her big boobs!

Jetsons Nude

We are anxious to push something sizey deep inside this bosomy Jetsons slut who has a sexy ass and a fuck-willing cunt ;) Jane Jetson Kissing and touching is the mode in which every action to start, the end is always unpredictable and ;) One awesome cum-drinker displays the truly unique abilities in Jetsons hentai getting assfucked in cowgirl on this huge and stiff cock for the start and and continuing being pulled on this wiener while lying on her back…

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Jane Jetson proves that in the future french maid’s outfit will be as sexy as now!

Judy Jetson

Busty Miss Horner from Jetsons tv-show is hopping under heavy pussy assault inside! ;) Petting and caressing is the regular way for the Jetsons porn routine to commence, but the end is always unpredictable. This post deals with Jane Jetson No one else but the cutest teens from drawn stuff and involve them in all sorts of and bizarre scenes…

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Jane Jetson just after taking a shower – nude and wet!

Free Cartoon Flintstones And Jetsons Sex Videos

Special edition of Jetsons frenzy where the hottest characters from this cartoon get involved into all sorts of fuck adventures. Jetsons sex characters are so much perverted that they are ready to fuck anywhere, each day and using all the positions you know… Inside hootchies will have to deal with some monstrous and stiffest schlongs Jane Jetson that will pound the shit out of…

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Jane Jetson used time machine to get some more of Welma Flinstone’s amazing tongue…

Cartoon Porn Jetsons

Jetsons characters do it again with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that go mad for each other and for their perverse sexual fantasies! Looks like dick-craving Jetsons porn chicks haven’t been shagged in ages! ;) The most pleasurable part for sexy girls of Jane Jetson’s series and is to participate in fuck feasts with some of the best endowed dudes provide their tight fuck holes!

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Goerge Jetson is going to fuck Judy’s tight ass while his wife… is cheering him up!

Cartoon Jetsons Porn

Be on your guard as the drawn Jetsons stuff is much fuller of surprises than you can possibly imagine: the most experienced studs with huge tools… Hentai version of Jetsons XXX is right here with all new scenes from the sex lifestyles of celebrated personages ;) Naughty scenes are right here Judy Jetson for you to see them! in her shaved pussy and ;)

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As a good wife Jane Jetson usually gives her husband a blowjob while he is watching news after working day…

Jetsons Hentai

Watch your back because this drawn Jetsons stuff is much fuller of surprises than you can dream of: the most skilled meaty fellows. Cock-hungry sluts of Jetsons porn show willing to do everything that it takes to make visitors satisfied ;) Jane Jetson Tit-feeling and pussy-rubbing is the mode in which every pastimes to begin, one can never foresee what it will come down to! and .

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See how busty Jane Jetson slapping her naughty daughter Judy’s butt!

Jab Judy Jetson

Some Jetsons heroes are way too frivolous with nudity and foreplay that is only to begin with, no need to tell what happens next ;) There are these Jane Jetson characters that just can’t hold their imperative desire to copulate and any more get right down to their naughty pursuits!! Jetsons XXX characters are so much perverted that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places each day and in every possible way!

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Jane and Judy Jetson – two hot and naughty babes from the near future!

Jab Flintstones Jetsons

Here are a few Jetsons heroes that cannot master an overwhelming will to fuck any more and get right down to their naughty pursuits!… Judy Jetson babes but love to go hardcore with one another and to present the best fuck session that you can imagine!. How can you ever be tired of Jetsons XXX top-notch and naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away turn your pussy-wanting dick ;)

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