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Judy Jetson: The whore

George Jetson entered his apartment on the moving sidewalk feeling lower than a Jovian worm. He had just been fired by his boss, Cosmo Spacely and was home early. His job at Spacely Sprockets had been marked by ups and downs, but this time he had really screwed up. Instead of producing stainless steel automatic salt shakers, he had used gold in the production line and now they had a supply of gold salt shakers which cost a fortune with no one to buy them. On top of that, he had forgotten to set the number of holes so that there were no holes for the salt to come out from. So even if someone had been interested in gold salt shakers, they were useless.

He had messed up before, but never this badly. There was no way Mr. Spacely would forgive him this time. He slumped into his chair as the television automatically turned to his favorite channel. Jane, his beautiful red headed wife, walked in, wearing a sleeveless purple dress that stopped above the knees topped with a triangular white collar.

“Hi, honey,” she called out. “You’re home early.”

“Yeah,” he morosely replied.

“What’s wrong?”

“I wasn’t feeling too well, so I decided to come home early,” he lied, unable to tell her the truth. Their finances were a mess, their credit cards charged to the max, living from paycheck to paycheck. George had held onto his job at Spacely Sprockets feeling that he was just on the verge of being promoted to vice-president. He had, in fact, been promoted to that coveted position several times, but there was always some screw up that cost him his promotion and he would end up back where he had started. And at 38, he wasn’t getting any younger and if he now changed jobs, he couldn’t afford to take the pay cut starting with another company. 

“Poor baby,” Jane cooed as she hovered over him, feeling his forehead. “You must be working too hard.” She pushed a button and the chair Continue reading

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Judy Jetson and some other whore exploring each others bodies as Judy spreads the whore’s pussy lips and their huge fat tits hang freely.

Jetsons Hentai Comic

We are anxious to fill up this big tit Jetsons hottie who has a sexy ass and a sexually eager slit ;) This piece of mad comics bunch punch will give one more chance to to drool over all of those wild Jetsons porn infatuation weirdoes fucking their brains off!… Another young hottie from show sports an awesome pair of tits to show us…

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The Jetsons: Jane%u2019s Frustration 1

Jane Jetson sat in front of one of the family’s household computer monitors. She knew that what she was about to do would probably upset her and was somewhat of an invasion of her husband’s privacy but she also knew that she just had to know what he was doing on the Universally Galactic Wide Web whenever he’d stay up late at night on the damn thing. He was beginning to spend so much time on one of the household computers that their sex life was suffering and she was becoming one very unsatisfied and frustrated housewife.

She went online and told the voice recognition programming that she wanted to see George’s usage history, hoping that he’d forgotten to cover up his tracks. Sure enough, and true to form, George Jetson had failed to erase his history and it came up right in front of his beautiful redheaded wife’s prying eyes.

Jane surfed around from one web site to another for more than an hour, following the path of George’s surfing history; her eyes kept being drawn to the sexual scenes on the computer monitor. She noticed that on each site visited by her husband that all the women were attractive, redheaded, mature, with large breasts like hers, and all the men were aliens and had big, fat cocks. Many of the pictures showed, women giving the men blow jobs. She was amazed at how they managed to swallow those big, sometimes odd shaped cocks into their throats. Some of the web sites had stories that went along with the 3d imagery and Jane found herself becoming increasingly aroused as she read the stories while viewing the pictures.

The horny, frustrated housewife could feel her panties snug, tight fit against her, the smooth and soft silk pressing against, up and along her increasingly wet pussy. She licked her lips with the tip of her pink little tongue and let out a low moan, pressing her thighs together. Oh George, she thought, why do you keep your wonderful cock from me? I need you so desperately! Continue reading

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The Jetsons: Jane%u2019s Frustration 3

“Oh fuck yes!” He answered as he slid his hands over her humping ass to clutch her hips, holding on tightly as he fucked her hot, gooey cunt with every inch of his cock. 

Jesus! I’m such a fucking slut, Jane thought dazedly. I’m fucking my second stranger within the past half-hour. The obscenity of the realization made her pussy start throbbing even harder, and a hot blush of shame coursed into her cheeks. She didn’t really care what she was doing now. It was all so exciting she thought she was going to faint. The naked wife whimpered in ecstasy as she started humping and bucking as fast as she could, feverishly pounding her sucking cunt-hole back onto the root of Cogswell’s cock.

“Fuck me!” she gasped, her voice a wail of passion. “Unnhh! I’m so horny! Ahhhh, God, fuck my horny pussy! Fuck my pussy as hard as you can!”

Encouraged and aroused by the obscenities coming from the sexy woman’s mouth, Cogswell tightened the grip he had on her hips and really started furiously ramming his over-sized cock in to and out of her cunt. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, overly stimulated not only by the fucking she’d just received from Troy but now from the slap of Cogswell’s big balls with every smashing thrust of his stiff cock.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she chanted, clawing the sheets and thrusting up her shapely little ass in an orgy of desire. “Faster, fuck me faster! My pussy’s so hot!”

T.K. looked down at the fantastic sight, his cock shoved to the hilt in a client’s hot, juicy wet cunt. It wasn’t something he’d expected to see, not today anyway. He sighed blissfully and started slamming his long prick in and out of her hot, juicy tightness. Jane moaned and really began to hump her hips back at his cock with eager little thrusts.

“Unnnnhhhh, yes, fuck me hard,” she moaned, “fuck me! Fuck my pussy!”

Her vulgar words were carrying him away, urg Continue reading

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Jetsons and their sex adventures: Jane part 2

Jane felt his penis swell even more in her mouth as he started to buck. The effect of his hands on her breasts and nipples was electrifying. When he pushed his fingers into her, she could feel the pressure building again. But before she could finally find some release in the orgasm that she so desperately wanted, he pulled his fingers out of her to grab her head. He groaned as his semen flooded her mouth. Hungrily, she swallowed as quickly as she could while milking his shaft until the pulsing stopped. With her free hand, she rubbed her clitoris, trying to get some relief from all the sexual energy and tension in her body. 

But the intercom buzzed, again interrupting her.

“Mr. Judge?” the intercom stated. “You are needed at the judge’s box now. The pageant will be starting in less than five minutes.”

“I’m on my way,” he replied.

“Well, judge,” Jane said to him as he pulled up his pants, “I hope my talent will be enough to help me do well in the beauty contest tonight.”

“You are certainly exceptionally talented,” he replied as he gave her a knowing nod and wink. “This will definitely be a factor in who wins tonight.”

After he left, Jane quickly straightened her hair and touched up her make up. Her panties were soaked, but she didn’t have any extra. With her flushed face, full lips, and nipples poking through her thin top, she was oozing with sexual energy barely contained within her dainty body. She rushed out to the staging area where the contestants were waiting their turn to go on the stage. 

Jane was devastated when she saw the other contestants – they were all knock out beauties. Even after her personal interview with the judge, this was going to be hard. She looked over Continue reading

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Hentai stories from Jetsons family: Jane’s good time

Judy had picked up elroy from school and had a very short skirt and tight top on that got elroy instantly hard. she saw this and stared with lust at her little brother, who didnt seem so little. When they git home Judy asked elroy to play little game. she told him they had to go in her room and get naked to play. when they were naked elroy stared at his sisters huge boobs. she told him to take them into his mouth and suck them. elroy got hard and judt say he had about 12inches. after he suckes her tits for five minutes she sucked him like a vaccuum. Then judy said that elroy should take his dick and put it in her vagina and move it around. he did this and it felt so great he cummed almost instantly but stayed hard. he decided to keep miving his dick around and fuck his sister. after she climaxed she told him to fuck her ass. She had to suck him to get his cock fit in her. he jammed it in her so hard she screamed. He was holding her tits and thrusting quickly. All of a sudden jane jetson ran in the room because she had heard screaming. what she saw got her so mad. GET YOUR ASSES IN THE LIVING ROOM NOW I NEED TO DECIDE A REALLY BAD PUNISHMENT FOR THIS! TO BE CONTINUED …to be continued!

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See how Goerge Jetson having fun with his horny wife Jane… and naughty daughter Judy!

Jetsons Porn

Here are a few Jetsons heroes that cannot master their imperative desire to copulate for another second and get into wild hardcore fucking adventures!! Jetsons hentai toon is the most delightful and the sexiest. Hot love-juice-soaking piece of calico and shows how good she is in riding with her ass ;)

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Elroys Jetson fucks his mother Jane up the ass while Goerge gets his dick sucked by Judy!

Mitsune Konno Cartoon Sex

Jetsons Porn

Jetsons Porn

Jetsons Porn

Jane Jetson confronting George after hearing Judy screaming his name (Judy can be seen in a back room passed out, naked, and covered in cum)
Mom wants Judy to know just what George wants in a woman. To that end they are both waiting for George to get off work for some on the girl training.
Large breasted Jane Jetson in stockings and heels waits for her son Elroy to insert his cock into her pussy…
We are anxious to shove seomthing inside this heavily bosomed Jetsons bitch featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a cock-starved pussy! We continue with wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations a number of raunchy threesomes to top it all and ! The best part for cock-loving cuties from Jetsons hentai series is to be engaged in wild banging parties with well-hung fellas and expose their cock pits to be really used to capacity by the biggest boners!.

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While nude Judy Jetson is riding on George’s cock Jane will suck his balls!

Judy Jetson Jab

Jetsons heroes simply cannot quit with a new strip of this naughty drawn sex that never tire of their sexy pranks and for their fuzzy dreams ;) Watch the superhero porn action provided by Jetsons hentai! Characters have nothing better to do than doing it anew Judy Jetson with a new episode of this hot fuck toon that never tire of their sexy pranks then for their fuzzy dreams …

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Jentsons Porn Story: Good Times with Daddy.

As Judy walked in the door, she heard a quiet tsk-tsk from an armchair across the room.

“Judy, why do you dress like that?” asked her father as he observed her large tits barely held in by a top and a skirt so short that if she bent over nothing would be left to the imagination.

“Daddy you never let me do anything my way,” whined Judy as she stormed off to her room.

Glad she was gone, Mr. Jetson pulled up the video of his daughter’s room last night. Gripping his 9 inch cock in his hand he began masturbating. He watched his daughter pull out a dildo and gasp as it went into her body. Her solo explorations had been his pornographic fodder for weeks now.

Entering the room agian, Judy watched her fater wank and made a decision. Suddenly Georges cock was in Judy’s mouth.

“What are you doing?” cried George.

“Giving you some love,” Judy answered.

George considered this, and began to moan. “Oh, Judy this is just like your mother!”

Then Judy’s pussy filled his mouth and her wet juices flowed into his mouth, she moaned with pleasure as she orgasmed again and again.

While George was trying out her ass he called, “Elroy come on and try your sister’s pussy.”

Suddenly, Judy felt a smaller cock fill her pussy and a mouth latch to her tit. 

“Oh, sis you’re so good,” moaned Elroy.

Suddenly, occupying her mouth was a hairy cock, it was her dog!

Even as she noticed this, all three men orgasmed filling her with cum which she caught on her breasts and body, not willing to waste a drop.


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